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Tummy tuck Leeds, also known as Abdominoplasty in medical terms, is a surgical technique aimed at enhancing and reshaping the abdominal region. The decision regarding whether the entire abdomen or a specific portion needs treatment is based on the individual needs of each patient.

The procedure

What’s Involved

A tummy tuck Leeds involves making an incision, typically horizontally along the lower abdomen, and its length varies based on the individual case. Afterward, excess skin and fat are carefully removed before closing the incision. The outcome of a tummy tuck can bring back the definition and contours of the stomach and, in some cases, even improve the strength of the internal muscles.

Incisions are typically strategically placed to ensure they can be discreetly concealed by clothing. In the case of a full abdominoplasty, it’s common to reposition the belly button as part of the procedure.

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Key Considerations

Treatment Duration

Abdominoplasty may require up to 3.5 hours for completion. Our skilled surgeons craft a personalised treatment plan during your initial consultation, ensuring that the procedure is customised to fulfil your specific needs. Each surgery is undertaken with your well-being as our primary concern. 

Type Of Anaesthesia

Because of the surgical requirements and techniques used, abdominoplasty procedures are performed under general anaesthesia. Our clinic specialises in same-day procedures, and thanks to advancements in surgery, the duration of your stay with us may be minimised.

Aftercare Requirements

The complete results of a tummy tuck Leeds may take a few weeks to fully show. While some individuals can typically get back to work in about 1 or 2 weeks, you might need to take it easy for up to 6 weeks following the surgery. Wearing a compression garment is often necessary, and your surgeon will provide guidance on how long you should wear it.

Back To Work (Recovery)

Anticipate a complete recovery within approximately 4-6 weeks. By this point, your healing will have progressed significantly, making it much more comfortable to resume your regular daily activities. Our tailored aftercare program will support your healing process, and depending on the nature of your job, you may even be able to return to work as early as 4 weeks.


Treatment Cost

The cost of your treatment may depend on a number of factors. We consider the techniques we use and whether we’ll be performing a full or mini tummy-tuck. The below is a guide to pricing, and may be subject to change.

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