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Laser Hair Removal

To achieve smooth, hair-free skin on the face or body, LPH may recommend medical grade laser hair removal. This treatment is ideal for those who are looking to get rid of unwanted hair growth; whether it’s to help refine the appearance or to eliminate the need to wax or shave.


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The procedure

What’s Involved

The natural growth cycle of hair means that after a time it will naturally fall out and regrow. Laser hair removal works by destroying hair at the root so that after it expels, it’s prevented from growing back. When passed over the skin, the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair which then converts to heat (the energy that damages the follicle).

To ensure all hairs have been targeted, a series of treatment sessions are needed. Laser hair removal is known to have long-term results, and may even work permanently. However, it’s normal for top-up procedures to be required in the future.

    Laser Hair Removal

    Procedure At A Glance

    Procedure Time

    15-60 minutes

    Return to Work


    Lasts for

    4-8 weeks


    From £40

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    Key Considerations

    Treatment Duration

    The amount of time needed to perform this treatment can vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the size of the area that’s being addressed. LPH carries out laser hair removal on both male and female patients, helping to remove unwanted hair on the: face, neck, chest, back, legs, arms, armpits and bikini line.

    Type Of Anaesthesia

    We consider each patient’s individual level of tolerance when carrying out laser hair removal. The treatment can feel like the snap of a rubber band against the skin which some patients may find a little uncomfortable. Therefore, at the consultation we’ll discuss the opportunity for a topical numbing cream to be applied prior to treatment.

    Aftercare Requirements

    The skin may feel sensitive following treatment. It’s advised that patients avoid sun exposure, and refrain from applying make-up for the first 24 hours. Patients will need to ensure they wash the treated area gently, using non-perfumed products.

    Hairs can start shedding any time from 5-30 days after treatment. For remaining unwanted hair we ask patients to shave and not wax or pluck, as we need the follicle to remain in existence.


    Treatment Cost

    The cost of your treatment may depend on a number of factors. The below is a guide to pricing, and may be subject to change.

    Brows: £40 – Full Body: £400

    6 sessions
    Brows: £220 – Full Body: £2200

    8 sessions
    Brows: £280 – Full Body: £2800

    0% Finance Available – Talk to us about our range of finance options

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    Leeds Private Hospital is home to consultant dermatologists, doctors and plastic surgeons, backed by fully trained support staff. As a doctor-led expert medical team, you’re in safe hands.

    The team will ensure that your visit to the clinic is truly worthwhile. At Leeds Private Hospital we are passionate about helping you discover better skin.

    So, whether you suffer from acne, unwanted facial hair or simply just want to freshen up your complexion – we have the most effective treatments on the market to help you achieve the results you long for.


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