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Functional Septorhinoplasty

Functional septorhinoplasty is a type of reconstructive ‘nose job’ that helps to restore the usual functioning of the nose, and in some cases can also improve its cosmetic appearance. Using surgical techniques we can address issues caused by injury or trauma that have led to difficulties with breathing. Sometimes an individual may have a hereditary shape of the nose that they wish to alter.

The procedure

What’s Involved

This procedure may be approached using a closed rhinoplasty (when a cut is made inside the nostrils), or an open rhinoplasty (when a cut is made outside of the nose). This will depend on your individual circumstances and will allow the best form of access to repair and adjust the bone and / or cartilage.

We will use dissolvable stitches and apply a splint to the nose to support its structure while it’s healing. We arrange a series of follow-up appointments to assess your recovery, and monitor the results. You can expect your first appointment 1 week after surgery.

More information

Key Considerations

Treatment Duration

Functional septorhinoplasty usually takes up to 2 hours, and is treated as day-case surgery. Before you go home, our team will ensure you have been thoroughly assessed, and that any necessary medication has been prescribed.

Type Of Anaesthesia

At LPH we typically use a general anaesthetic to perform this procedure. You will require some pain relief in the few weeks that follow, which can be purchased over-the-counter.

Aftercare Requirements

Before your first follow-up appointment you’ll need to keep the nose dry, avoid blowing the nose and be careful to avoid any knocks – further advice may follow at this session. We also advise that you avoid high-level activities and exercise for around 4 weeks.

Back To Work (Recovery)

Most of our patients need to take 2 weeks off work. This will allow some time for swelling, bruising and much of the post-surgery discomfort to subside. If you have a job that is manually demanding or requires heavy-lifting, you may need to remain at home for longer, or arrange to undertake light duties.


Treatment Cost

The cost of your treatment may depend on a number of factors. The below is a guide to pricing, and may be subject to change.

From £5000

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