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Earwax Microsuction

Earwax microsuction can provide relief when one or both ears are seemingly experiencing a blockage. A build-up of earwax in the ear canal can affect the clarity of your hearing, causing everyday sounds and to seem quieter or muffled.

The procedure

What’s Involved

This treatment is an alternative to ear syringing or ear irrigation that is safe, and very popular with patients and practitioners. We carry out the entire procedure using a microscope to ensure we have a clear view of the inside of the ear. Suction is applied using a small vacuum which comfortably extracts the build-up of earwax.

Blocked ears are often very difficult to treat yourself, and this treatment may be required when other methods (ear drops) have not been effective. The results are instantaneous and you will leave our practice being able to hear much more clearly.

More information

Key Considerations

Treatment Duration

The procedure only takes a few minutes to complete, and our specialists will address each ear independently.

Type Of Anaesthesia

This is a pain-free procedure that doesn’t require the use of an anaesthetic.

Aftercare Requirements

After the procedure we will examine the ear. There isn’t usually any aftercare to consider, however, our specialist may provide advice to prevent the issue from recurring too soon.

Back To Work (Recovery)

As earwax microsuction is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure that is undertaken in very little time, you should be able to return to work immediately. The results will improve your overall quality of life.


Treatment Cost

The cost of your treatment may depend on a number of factors. The below is a guide to pricing, and may be subject to change.

Consult and treatment – £60

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