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Cosmetic Surgery Yorkshire offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic procedures tailored to enhance individual beauty, restore confidence, and address specific concerns, ensuring each patient receives personalised care from consultation through recovery
Cosmetic Surgery in Yorkshire

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From surgical procedures like rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), breast augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty (tummy tucks) to skin rejuvenation treatments such as hydrafacials and derma fillers, our consultants boast extensive experience in cutting-edge techniques and advancements.

Recognised for our expertise in cosmetic surgery Yorkshire, we provide transparent pricing and flexible payment options, ensuring that achieving your aesthetic goals is both straightforward and accessible.

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Key Considerations

Treatment Duration

The duration of cosmetic surgery treatments varies depending on the specific procedure. While some procedures can be completed within a few hours, others may require more extensive time in the operating room.

Type Of Anaesthesia

Cosmetic surgery procedures utilise various types of anaesthesia, customised to each patient’s needs and the surgery’s requirements. Options include local anaesthesia, which numbs only the targeted area; regional anaesthesia, which blocks sensation in a broader body region; and general anaesthesia, which induces temporary unconsciousness for the duration of the procedure.

Aftercare Requirements

Following cosmetic surgery, it’s essential to adhere to specific aftercare guidelines. This includes attending scheduled follow-up appointments, resting adequately, taking prescribed medications as directed, and diligently caring for surgical wounds. At Leeds Private Hospital, we offer personalised aftercare guidance to support a smooth and successful recovery process.

Back To Work (Recovery)

The recovery period following cosmetic surgery varies based on the specific procedure performed. Patients generally require time off work to facilitate proper healing. Minor procedures may necessitate only a day or two of rest, whereas more invasive surgeries could require a week or longer. Our personalised guidance ensures tailored support throughout each patient’s post-operative recovery journey.


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Cosmetic Surgery


Here are some common questions and answers about cosmetic surgery

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a specialised field of medicine dedicated to enhancing a person’s appearance through both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

What are the risks associated with cosmetic surgery?

While generally safe, all surgical procedures carry inherent risks, including infection, bleeding, and possible adverse reactions to anaesthesia.

How long do the results of cosmetic surgery last?

The duration of results varies by procedure and individual factors. Some treatments offer long-lasting outcomes, while others may require periodic maintenance to sustain results.

How much does cosmetic surgery cost?

Costs vary based on the procedure, surgeon’s expertise, and clinic location. A personalised quote reflecting your specific needs and goals will be provided during your consultation.